Can not see Hide hidden folders option in Fol

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When I open Folder options in my computer I can not see the option Show hidden folders and I can see Hidden folders always which causes me problems in-terms of security. How to get the option in the list. Initially I used to get but now somehow its not coming. Could you please help me on this?

Thank you in advance.

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when i open the computer and some file hidden after hidden they files unhide not what is the reason and how can i troubleshoot this problem pl. described details
kundan, patna
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Hi Kundan,

Thanks for your time. I was able to solve the problem. I found a s/w called smart virus remover which helps in solving this problem. It also helps in deleting unnecessary auto run files.
Thanks for the reply. But my problem is that I can not see the option "Show hidden files". Initially I used to get that but later (2 days ago) started this problem. I have only single user in the system with Administrative privileges.
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Seems that you must review your folder options to access to your hidden files :

Just use below advice ;

Click on tools;

Folder options


Select view hidden files.

If you can't access to these options surely your computer or user is has some restrictions;