How to know if a contact is online on Viber

How to know if a contact is online on Viber

If you use the Viber app to call and text to your friends and family living abroad, you might need to know if they are online to be able to make a call or receive an answer to your message right away. In this short article, you will find out how to check if someone's online in Viber.

How to check if a contact is online or not on Viber?

1. Open the Viber app and go to Calls.

2. Then, click on Viber in the right menu to exclude contacts that don’t have the Viber app.

3. Choose a contact and tap on it. At the top, under their name, you will see its actual status (Online or Last seen).

viber online status
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Is Viber's online status accurate?

Viber's online status is not 100% accurate. Always try to check with the person to whom you are going to call if they will be available at a certain time. When it's marked "online", it means that the person is on Viber right now.

What are other options?

If you'd like to be notified when someone comes online, you can use third-party apps, such as Chat Track: Online Tracker and Online Monitor. You'll have to download and install the app and link it to your Viber account to see real-time updates about your contacts' statuses.

Does Viber show online while on call?

No, when someone is on a call, Viber shows this contact as offline.

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