Laptop turns on then off ! LCD blank

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I have HP laptop dv6000 for 5 years, now getting problem:

Laptop turns on for a few seconds and then shuts down. No video appears on the screen.

"Laptop shuts down on power up. When the power button is pushed, the laptop flashes green lights for several seconds and then powers down. Unit will not stay on with battery or when plugged in".
Please help me how to fix. Thank you very much.


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Try this 1

1) Click on the below link and follow the instructions

2) Clean all the vents, blow out with canned air.

Remove the power adapter and the battery from your laptop. Open the laptop

case to access the CPU Fan and the heat sink. Remove all the dust from the Fan

and also from the heat sink. Never run your laptop on bag & bed. Sides, back and

bottom must be clear.

Good Luck


Its an overheating issue with dust on the cooler fan and thermal paste dried on processor.If you can manage to fix it then here are the instructions on link below:

Else have it done by a qualified personnel.

Good luck