Avast 4.8 home edition reg key [Solved/Closed]

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Ive noticed a post on this some1 asking for a reg key for avast. ive been using it for years however its about to expire so ive been looking to download 4.8 but www.avast.com isnt working so I cant get on there to regiester for a new key. anyone had problems with the website and if so u know whats wrong with it?...and obvioulsy is there any other way to get regiestered? thanks.
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- Jan 4, 2009 at 10:43 AM
Thank you
Register on avast website is the only possibility, try again : http://www.avast.com/fre/home-registration.php

Thank you, aquarelle 50

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its ok I searched google..it seems that alot of people are having trouble accessing the website vie www.avast.com however can get to the website going to

i dont know why it wasnt working for avast.com but as soon as I had typed that into my broswer a was re-registered.

thanks anyways mate.
Thank you
i want to get avast 4.8.1296 edition reg key. thank you for your attension
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