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Which is the best antivirus for windows 11


Hello, For the last 2 months, I am using Windows 11 and please let me know which is the best antivirus for Windows 11

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Which antivirus software is the best and most economical?


AVG, Avast, and Kaspersky are among the three most popular free downloads as antivirus software based on an article I read However, which is the most ...

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How to scan documents online


can i scan my personal document from a library computer? and how?

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Cannot install avira antivirus


Hello, I'm trying to install Avira antivirus, but it does not work. It says that there is an error in installing the program. It says that: A secu...

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Reactivating eset - smart security antivirus


How could I reactivate ESET-SMART SECURITY antivirus? I made the question because the license expired and it orients me to pay for a new one. The tec...

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How to delete mcafee


How do i get McAfee off my computer.I've tried and tried and it wont let me delete it.I know there's a process to it.can you help me?

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Windows defender security centre update


Hello, I am using windows 10 64 bit, I am unable to update windows defender. Once I click on check for updates it starts checking and nothing happen...

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Scan my pendrive without antivirus


Hello, My computer don't have any antivirus. Now, how I can scan my pendrive.

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Two antivirus stucks system


Hello, Same situation now i am facing.I don't want to lose any data from my laptop.Can anyone suggest me how to uninstall one antivirus if already i...

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Adding protection to prevent ransomware


Quick guide! A lot of computers are being infected with ransomware which encrypts files meaning the chances of recovery is slim. I've come across a ...

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A good anti-virus


Hello, can anyone help me by giving a good anti-virus that i could download from net for free to make sure that my downloads are virus free ? sor...

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sad gamer

Free antivirus


Hello, how to download free antivirus please suggest me Thanks Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 47.0

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Virus in external hard


Dear all, I'm facing a problem regarding my external hard drive it was connected to another computer and when I reopened it on my computer the resu...

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Download an antivirus



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Cannot install avira


Hello, I have a problem - I cannot install Avira. I have scanned my computer with HijackThis and saved the log. Could somebody please help me to so...

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How to secure your pc from virus attack?


How to secure your PC from virus attack?

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Suitable anti-virus for xp sp3?


Hello Kioskea, Hope all are fine... Please share me which is the best Anti-virus for Windows XP sp3? Me said Avast but my colleague said AVG.. W...

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Adware blocker /spyware


Hi I have norton antivirus does any one know of any free adware block or spyware and pop up blocker thanks again for your help and time Lisa x

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I can't open antivirus sites


Hello, i can't open this why??? please show me one way/// Configuration: Windows XP / F...

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Cmd prompt return access denied


hello. anyone please help me. A few minutes ago, I plug in my pendrive into my friends laptop. After that all contains in my pendrive disappear. I...

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Avira free antivirus updater: the update failed!


I cannot update Avira, even when I disactivate the firewall Avira Free Antivirus Updater : The update failed! Error message: An error occured duri...

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Free antivirus


hello, i want to know if i can get a free antivirus setup free 2015.

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Best antivirus for my mobile!


Hello Folks, I see great discussion happening in this forum! Please help me out as well, I am looking for some cheap yet good antivirus for my mobile ...

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How to remove dod.vbs virus?


Hello, My pc is infected by doda.vbs named virus. when i pluged in the drive all files and floder goes into a folder that has system attributes. I mnu...

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Veriface software link


Dear Sir, Kindly send the veriface software link Thanks, Shanmugam

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Malwarebytes can this software be downloaded onto a disk


Can this software be downloaded onto a disk for use in a computer? Thanks in advance for your time.

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Usbfix and microsoft security essentials in one pc


I successfully deleted the short cut virus using usbfix application on my pc. Is it OK for me to reinstall an antivirus applications that I can have u...

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Avg 2014 anti-virus key


pls friends, how can i get a working avg anti-key for avg 2014? pls if you have any that is working pls share

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Avg anti virus compatibility win 8


hello,am having a problem whenever I install the AVG anti virus,it keep showing me this program has compatibility issue on my windows 8. please how do...

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Mcafee spamming


Hi Friends, I bought a year's subscription for McAfee anti-virus protection for my PC last year. After only a couple of months they started spamming ...

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Antivirus software for iphone mobile


Hello, I m using apple iphone4 is this phone require antivirus software or not. Pl let me know thanks Sunil India Configuration: iPhone / Saf...

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Please how we know that a laptop has anti virus?

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Installed avast. did boot scan. cant log on


Hello, I downloaded and installed the Avast AV (home) edition on my Windows XP (Service Pack 2) computer. After installation, it rebooted the comput...

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High security software firewal


Can any body let me know that, Which firewall is most greatest for 2013 that we should be trust or use? Regards,

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Cannot find c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs


Hello, cannot find scrift file c:\windows\ujbright_antivirus.vbs please solve this problem this is coming startup and when I scan pen drives that sc...

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Quick heal re installation


Hello, I was using quick heal total security 2010 upgrade to 2011 I uninstalled the current version ...then I tried to install the next version ...

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Pc hanged after installing 2 antivirus software at a time


Hello, There was an avasti antivirus software present. I've installed an other quick heal antivirus software without uninstalling the previous avast...

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Problem in updating guardian antivirus


Hello, I am Shivam wanted to know about my antivirus of Quick Heal named as Guardian Antivirus.I have a version of 14.00(01 March 2013). I wanted ...

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Avg scanning


When using AVG Internet Security 2013 whole computer scan settings what does thorough scanning mean?

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Need a free antivirus software


Hello, MAY I KNOW THE BEST ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE FREE AVAILABILITY ON NET . Configuration: Windows Vista / Chrome 25.0.1364.152

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Free antivirus


which anti virus is best for windows 7 and that also free of cost??????

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Kaspersky anti antivirus


Hello, please give me a kespersky antivirus product key please sir tell me i wate u

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I need free anti virus please for window 7


Hello, Please, Send me free anti virus for my window 7.

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miguel palomares

Free avast antivirus product key


Hello, i downloaded free avast antivirus & I need the product key for it.pls Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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Unable to uninstall avg anti-virus free 8.0


Hello, so I just installed this new AVG Anti-Virus free edition 8.0 thinking it would actually work. Well, after I installed it I then did the scan...

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Need antivirus for nokia 5130 c-2


Hello, I need free downloadable anti virus software for nokia 5130 c-2 express music and the path to download.

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Miya bhai

Uninstallation of quich heal antivirus


Hello, i forgot the password of my quickheal antivirus.. and I could not uninstall the same from my computer. please help. Configuration: Wind...

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Avg anti-virus cant be uninstall


Hello, it seems that there is a problem on my anti-virus every time i try to uninstall it, it failed and also i try to use other uninstaller but ...

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Does microsoft essential antivirus good ?


Hello, my version is windows 7 and i am using Microsoft Essential .. can i trust it forever ?

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marco armani

Cant download antivirus


Hello, i cant download install or update any antivirus how to remove the virus plz help Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 534.30

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