ASUS M2NPV-VM Sound card issue

 fredax -

I recently reformatted my computer and installed the Windows XP home edition.

And when I tried to install the sound driver using the ASUS setup CD, The message says the hardware does not match.

Prior to the reformatting, the sound card and device driver were working fine. But I don't have sound now..

I would really appreciate it if any assistence can be offered.

Model of motherboard used : ASUS M2NPV-VM. The sound card used is the onboard sound card which if I'm not wrong is : SOUNDMAX ADI1986A.

Please help.

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I also have the same problem. I have tried tons of drivers and still cannot get the sound to work. Can somone please help!
Thank you

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try this works for me
To: C:\Documents and Settings\fred6\Desktop\emma\Asus_SoundMax_Audio_Driver_5.10.01.4570.exe
Size: 23.1 MB (24,158,848 bytes)
Transferred: 1.5 MB (1,503,480 bytes)
8ts work.. :)