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I am having a bit of trouble and I need some help. I have a WiFi router and I put a password on it about two years ago.

The issue I am having is, I bought an Xbox and I want to put it with the WiFi. But, I have forgotten my password and I have no idea how to reset it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much.
System Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 534.13
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Thank you
  • Reset your router. You can find the reset button at the back of your router. You can use paper-clip to push the button.
  • When your router is ON, just hold the reset button for 30 secs and release it.
  • It will reboot on its own.

(Note: It will clear all the settings you have configured in the router.)
  • After resetting, connect to your router (through wired) and then configure the settings.
  • Now try to login to your router using the default user name and password.

You can download the manual from the manufacturer website and follow the instructions to configure your router again.

Good Luck!

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