Securing WEP number to laptop

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I have already got my Desktop PC as a wired connection through an Orange Livebox. I have successfully added a laptop to the Livebox Wirelessly and have added the Security WEP key, BUT I find that I have to type the long long series of digits and Numbers every time I need to connect from laptop, and its getting to my patience.
I contact the Orange support site but cannot understand the person from an overseas ageny.
I dont mean to be in any way rude but I like to talk to someone with a good knowledge of English.

The problem I encounter is having to type in (twice) the WAP code from the livebox each time I connect to the Orange site. I was given the following info to enter but I could not catch the explanation,
Double click I.E. and on the address bar type in that is all I could get,
Is there anyone in this forum who has faced the same type of thing and how to get through it without typing all each time.
My Desktop is ok on the WIRED connection but I was told that the wireless for laptop must be done through the Desktop, by altering som things.

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um how do you find your wep key
Jan 8, 2009 at 09:10 PM
Its a simple issue. You can connect to your wireless network everytime you enter your password. This means that your password is correct. Now you need to call tech support for you laptop(hopefully one you can understand). Usually your laptop should already remember the password that you were typing. All you have to do here is set up the laptop to remember the password. Technically is is called saving a preffered network on your laptop. If this is done, everytime you turn on your laptop within your network, the laptop will look for the network and connect to it automatically. Hope this helps.
wires and plugs
Jan 7, 2009 at 12:48 PM
A temp fix I was useing until I got all my wireless settings options figured out was to pet the security key on notepad on my desktop and copy and pasteing it. On my wireless Desktop I have in my garage I have a D-Link 520+ WEP Wireless adapter and it is connected to a wireless G router , In the wireless settings I had to get to the wireless connection dialog box via network connection click automatic connect put in the key then save/apply and now when ever I boot up that syatem it automaticly looks for the connection and connects.