W2k laptop to wifi to vista laptop to use ptr

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I setup my vista laptop to connect via wifi to a kodak esp9 printer. That works well. I want to have my windows 2000 professional laptop use this printer via wifi through the vista laptop. Nothing that I try allows the w2k to connect to the printer on the vista laptop. help, please. All units (printer and both laptops) are connected to the same autotec router from verizon fios. both laptops can surf the internet.

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Jan 15, 2009 at 09:52 PM
The question is why do you need to go thru the Vista laptop to use the printer? The W2k laptop can connect via wifi directly to the printer. You should just use the Printer install CD on the W2k laptop.
Thank you for replying. The problem is that the printer driver from Kodak does not support any window releases below XP. I trierd loading the driver on my w2k laptop and it refused to even try loading. I called Kodak and they confirmed that the drivers will not work with any release below XP. So my only choice is to try going through the vista laptop which is working with the printer via the wifi connection. Thanks again for trying to help.