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i have a 2Gb pendrive. when I connected my pen drive I have not able to see my files. if I copied some files on the pen drive the file got copied afterthat if I refresh the screen all files in pendrive got disappered and pendrive show like a blank. but file was there because if I connect same pendrive on another pc the pen drive show all files and work normally. What to do please suggest?
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Thank you
Donot worry..

Just go to command prompt on windows.
and then type f: (if your pendrive is on f:)
then type the command as shown
attrib -s -h /s /h

wait for sometime all your files which went to hidden state shall come back

Thank you

Thank you, Aru4u 30

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thanx dude!!
thank u this command is working thanking you once again
you guyz are amazing!
Very very thanks dude.

God Will Bless You.
wow, it works,.....but how and what is the pbm b4?
Thank you
download pen drive format utility and format ur pen drive.....if this doesn't help scan it with avast antivirus...ok
Thank you
i have also facing the same problem that I have purchases d 8gb pendrive and the data after removing the pendrive disappears...........what can I do suggest plz?