Laptop auto turned off, now doesn't power on

 lotley -

I'm using a rather old laptop which is my desktop replacement (so the battery was not attached for years, keep this in mind). Some days ago my laptop went off automatically, while using it.
I've a suspicion my power brick has broken, but I'm not so sure. It does make some chirping sound I never heard before or I haven't payed much attention before this. It's not very loud, but when I put my ears on it doesn't sound very right. Tried listening to other power brick of my other laptop, this one is really quiet, too bad this one use a different plug so I couldn't test this to power my broken laptop, not to mention a different voltage.

To clarify I show 3 interesting LEDs of my laptop:
1. power outlet (blue or off) this one lights blue whenever your laptop is attached to the wall, unplug from wall then light goes off
2. power on (can be blue/orange/off) laptop on = blue, laptop standy = blinking orange, laptop turned off = off
3. battery (can be blue/orange/off) battery full = blue, while charging = orange, no battery = off

Laptop connected with power brick and no battery gives me 1. blue, 2. off, 3 orange and then when I press the power on button LED2 never goes to blue, i.e. it can't be turned on, also why is the battery LED orange, while there is no battery attached? Is my power brick broken or is something wrong with my laptop?

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On the 18th I ordered a brand new power brick. Today I got this power brick installed and it seems the fault was indeed related to a broken down adapter as I'm typing this on my old laptop right now. This case is solved.