Laptop Won't Boot (Blue/Black Screen!)

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 SMHRI - May 19, 2011 at 10:54 PM
Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble with my laptop & would be grateful if someone could help!

Over the past few weeks it has started crashing more & more regularly. Then yesterday it started bringing up a blue screen with a message on it (can't remember what it said now). This went on for a while, then it started restarting automatically, crashing & restarting again. Now when I turn it on it starts up & gets to the login page but all it shows is a black screen with a white cursor. (I have stopped the automatic restarting via the menu brought up by the F8 key)

I have tried starting in safe mode however it lists a load of system files it's trying to open then stops & goes to the black screen with the cursor. I've tried ctrl & alt & delete but it doesn't bring anything up, have tried changing the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE mode & have also tried opening a command prompt window & running CHKDSK and regedit HP local machine. I got these ideas from threads for similar problems on this forum but nothing makes any difference.

I have gone into the system repair option & when I click on system restore it says 'The system restore wizard is already running. This program will now exit'.

I can't do a complete pc restore because I don't have a backup.

I ran the startup repair & at the bottom it says:

'Root cause found: System volume on disk is corrupt.' & a lot of 'Error code = 0x0'

My laptop is an emachine with windows vista & pentium (R) dual-core cpu. I scanned for viruses yesterday and the scan found nothing.

Any help/ideas?!


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Hi regan11, the problem with the blue screen is "always" a hardware/software conflict. That usually is caused by drivers installed incorrectly for a hardware to operate or is caused by windows files not working in order they are suppose to (Btw windows files are also drivers which makes your PC run). My guess is that you should go into safe mode and try to uninstall newly installed drivers and check if it works otherwise the best way to get this working is to install a fresh copy of windows. Now that could be done by the backup disc or a windows disc (in your case a windows vista disc because you said your backup disc is corrupt).
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May 19, 2011 at 05:54 AM
Thanks SMHRI. Only problem is it won't run in safe mode! Just goes to the black screen with the cursor again. I have a windows vista disc though. Will it wipe everything on my laptop if I use it?
Yes it will wipe everything, so i recommend to save all your important data onto a external USB drive of some kind. And then run the Win Vista disc to install a fresh copy of windows!
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May 19, 2011 at 10:30 PM
Ok, thanks. I wasn't actually given a windows vista disk but I downloaded the recovery disk. When I ran the system restore it came up saying:

"your computer is running in a limited diagnostic state. If you use system restore in this limited state, you cannot undo the restore operation. Help topics are not available in this state."

Is there any way I can boot the system using the command prompt so I can access my had drive to save my data or will I have to remove it & access it through another laptop?

I don't even know if I can reinstall windows using the recovery disk!

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The best way is, to put your Hard disk in a external box (which u might have to buy), which then makes your HDD external and then save all your data to another computer. Then remove your laptop HDD from the box, put it in your laptop how it should be and then reformat the whole HDD. The process of saving stuff will take time and cost some money, again you only want to do this if your data is really very important, by important i mean like some important pictures/memories or some important documents, stuff you can never retrieve back. Once you save all your data you are now ready to install windows. That could be done two ways like i told earlier. For myself i use the vista installation disc not the recovery discs because they dont work for me lol. They require some skills in command prompt but i dont have those lol. So if you happen to have a recovery disc you might want to post another question, saying "how to run the recovery discs" because i dont know how that is done. But if you have a Vista disc then its no problem i can walk you all the steps needed to install the windows.