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Hello, I am having a little bit of issus with getting my Toshiba Satellite M105 laptop.
I have held "0" and waited for the recovery menu to pop up, but it just brings me to the login startup screen. I have also tapped F8 and there was no recovery options.
There is no recovery disk i own because the computer was a hand-me-down.
My computer needs sound and I doubt there are any sound cards aside from external ones for laptops (which i dont trust) so recovery is my only option unless anyone is willing to get back to me about the sound issue before the recovery one.
I thank anyone who is willing to help, and anyone who ganders at this and tries, even though an answer may not apply or doesnt work out.

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Jul 8, 2011 at 01:32 AM

You are unable to make recovery since the recovery partition may have been formatted or deleted .In this case either you install windows of your choice and download drivers or order a recovery cd online .