Sony VAIO vgn-cr220e webcam doesn't work

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I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on my Sony Vaio VGN-CR220E. I have tried the solution below. I downloaded the "Original Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC6 driver" but when I tried to install it, it says "This update can only run on Windows Vista".

Any other solution?
Thank you very much!

If you have bought your Sony Vaio VGN-CR220E with Vista and now you are installed Windows 7, your camera will not work.

Follow these steps:

* 1. Click on the link below:

* 2. At "Select your operating system" drop down menu, select "Microsoft Windows vista home premium"
* 3. Under the "sort files by type (optional)" select "Camera" from the drop down menu. Or you can directly expand the "Camera - 2 flies" from the list of "Results for VGN-CR220E".
* 4. Download the "Original Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC6 driver".
o Save the file on the desktop or temp folder and install it.
* 5. Go back to the "select your operating system" drop down menu, and select "Microsoft Windows 7" - whichever version you are using, basic or home premium etc.
* 6. Under the "Sort files by type" select "camera" . or you can directly expand "camera - 2 files" from the list of results for VGN-CR220E as you did before on step 3.
* 7. Download those two files (Camera capture utility and Webcam companion". Save the files and install them.

Now you are all set. Restart and enjoy your camera
Thanks to onerose for this tip on the forum.

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Thanks to you also for sharing this with us.