How to clear the bios in laptop

Sundar - Jul 23, 2011 at 05:18 PM
 sundar - Jul 25, 2011 at 03:35 AM
my name is sundar, i am using lenovo thinkpad sl410 notebook laptop. Two days before i switched on my laptop, its not getting booted. Then i thought to get into bios setting to make my DVD_rom as first boot . But i cant able to get into bios. if i switch on the laptop its showing only product make name(lenovo), then it dosent do anything and get stucked in that screen itself..

please help me to solve this problem my dear friends..

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Jul 23, 2011 at 06:31 PM
Greetings Sudar,

Here are the Steps:

1. When you first turn your computer on, you are briefly presented with a BIOS "splash" screen. Somewhere on this screen (just where depends on the manufacturer), are instructions on how to access BIOS settings. Generally, this requires tapping a function key, say F2, while the splash screen is visible. Make note of which key the splash screen says to press to access the BIOS and restart your computer.

2. When the computer boots and the splash screen appears, tap the required function key quickly to enter the BIOS settings screen. You will only have a couple of seconds to hit the right key and if you miss it you'll have to restart the computer and try it again.

3. Once you successfully enter the BIOS settings screen, use the arrow and function keys to navigate the menus. Keep an eye out for an option that says something akin to "reset to factory defaults." If you see this, follow the on-screen instructions to reset the BIOS to the factory settings. Then, confirm your choice and exit the BIOS screen, usually by pressing escape. Congratulations, you are done.

4. If your BIOS does not have an option to return to factory settings, things are more difficult. Because the BIOS is stored in ROM, it must have a constant power supply to store any changes you make to it, otherwise it would reset every time you disconnected your laptop from AC power. Removing power to the BIOS resets it to factory settings and involves disconnecting a small battery attached to the motherboard. On many laptops, the BIOS battery is easily accessible through a door on the bottom of the unit. Unplug the computer, remove the main battery and touch something metal to ground yourself.

5. Remove any screws holding the BIOS battery door in place. Then identify the battery, (it is generally a small lithium "watch" battery), and remove it taking care not to damage any surrounding circuitry. Let the computer rest for a minute or two to discharge any remaining power, and replace the battery.

6. If your laptop does not have an easily accessible door for the BIOS battery, you may have to dive deeper and disassemble the computer to find it. Consult your laptop manufacturer's website for information on replacing or removing the BIOS battery from your model.
Dear sir,
Hearty thanks for your reply. But , you simply said me to enter into BIOS. MY actual problem is, i see the black screen as showing the (made by lenovo) there is no option shown to get into BIOS. my latop struct in that screen itself.

i just need to know hardware solution , to CLEAR or RESET BIOS
were can i find the jumper in the laptop.....