Cant get into facebook

 Anonymous User -
navagation was canceled everytime i go to, the page will not load, everysite i go to works fine but not facebook, is that site down now or is it nolonger facebook......????????????????
can anyone help me out?????

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Does it work on other browsers?

Step 1:

Try to reset your browsers and clear temporay files and cookies.

Uncheck your proxy settings

Step 2:

For XP:

Click on Start > Run >Type cmd

For Vista and 7:
* Click in Start > Type cmd in the Search field> Right click > Run as Administrator

copy and run these two commands

cd c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

notepad hosts

Now a notepad should pop up ,let us know if your hosts file has any entries below this line localhost -XP
::1 localhost -vista and windows 7