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 Josh -
My laptop screen is blank and I can't see anything. I know it loads because I can hear it and the screen where it has f1-f12 at the bottom shows up and I can see it, however, when it's supposed to transitions to the sign in screen it, goes blank and stays that way. I can go into the programs for f1, f9 and f11, but it won't transition into the sign in screen. Can someone tell me the problem please? I tried taking the battery out and holding the on button down for 20 seconds, but when I do that it ends up turning back off at about 5 seconds.

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Did you try F8 at startup. F8 should get you into "safe mode". If you can get into safe mode I would try to restore the system using a date/time prior to the problem started. If this doesn't work I would suspect a failed hard disk.

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Thanks xpcman i do believe it is the hard disk grrrrrr...i did a little dance with it and it pulled up a page that let me know it could be one of two problems. Windows failed to load because the program was either corrupted or missing. How sad :) I have to get a windows installation disk now. Thanks again for your help.