What do I do if my iTunes Store won't load? [Closed]

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My iTunes store hasn't worked in like 2 months, which didn't bother me much until now, Yesterday I downloaded something new on to my iPod Touch and it restarted it, and now I can't download my songs on to it, Im desperate, Please help ):

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Try allowing all cookies before trying to load the store from within iTunes. To enable cookies, see:


If it still does not work, reinstall iTunes - don't worry, you won't loose your media library. Just follow these Apple-provided instructions:

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Having the same problem as Krisbordofage, tried reloading my itunes a couple of times in the last week and no success!
This work for me. It's a bit of a pain because you ALWAYS have to tell it not to remap whatever when your computer restarts or you have to go through this little process again. Which I've done like 4-5 times now cuz I accidently hit yes. So...

Start --> Programs --> Accessories (Right Click on Command Prompt) --> Run as Administrator

then type in:

Netsh winsock reset

Hit enter, restart PC, open iTunes, go to Store

Don't forget to say NO when you restart your computer and it askes you to remap. GLHF