Cant boot windows with two IDE drive connecte

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I am trying to connect two IDE drives. But the problem is after turning on the pc it detects the new IDE drive but doesnt boot. I even cant enter the bios setup. after disconnecting the new IDE drive my old drive boots. Do i have to make the new one slave? If so, then how will I do it?

I am using windows 7 and the new one is supposed to show on my computer with drives. Its formatted previously.

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Are you using both HDDs on the same IDE cable?

you will need to users jumpers on the pins on the HDDs.

they have diagrams on there.

primary needs to be set to MASTER
and secondary as SLAVE

yes i am using both hdds with same ide cable..because my mother board has one IDE port. by changing the jumper pin of the new drive..will it resolve the problem?

Just make sure your PRIMARY HDD is set to MASTER
and the SECONDARY is set to SLAVE

you'll be fine.

let me know how you get on.