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Greetings and thank you. Last night my computer froze, cursor frozen, and manual shutdown would not work, so I pushed ctl+alt+delete. The result was that my start button and all icons disappeared, leaving only my wallpaper. (I run Windows 7). When I try ctl+alt+delete now, nothing happens, and I can not access task manager or any other function. Right clicking also produces no result. The computer still will not shut down manually. Is there anything I can do? Thank you in advance for your response. I really appreciate it.

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Is that a laptop

Did you try removing the battery?
Thank you so much for responding. Is it safe to remove the battery with the laptop still running? It will not power off with the manual button, and of course I have no start button at the moment. I have been waiting for the battery to run down (lol). Thank you very much for helping. I appreciate any adivce. I will try removing the batterhy.
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Yes you can safely remove it and reinsert
hey i have the same problem with my laptop, i tried removing the battery but nothin is happening even after that. i can just see the desktop wit the mouse, no icons, no task bar, task manager also doesnt open. what should i do?
Hi, and thanks to anyone responding. I tried removing the battery, but it did not work. I still have no start button, no icons, can not access task manager, and still can not shut down the computer manually. Ctl+alt+delete does nothing, and right clicking does nothing. It sounds like there are two of us in this boat now! Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Try this

Unplug your AC cord,remove your battery,press the power button for a minute.Plug in the ac cord and power on the PC.If pc boots up then shutdown it again and insert the battery

If that doesnt work let me know if you can boot into safemode
though the system is booting properly without the battery but the problem is stil the same
hey i tried the same as you said, still no icons or task bar or access to task manager


Press F8 on boot up,do you get the advanced start menu?

Select the Safemode with networking option and boot into it

See if that works,let me know
i tried pressing f8 on boot up, but it doesnt take me to the advanced start menu. what should i do?

Do you still face the issue?

What is your laptop model?

You should press F8 at boot up screen to get the MENU