ITunes cannot find my iTunes folder [Solved/Closed]

 Shamrocky -

I just bought the iPOD TOUCH.

I have iTunes 8X, but it won't open saying .. "The folder "i Tunes" cannot be found or created, and is required.
The default location for this folder is inside the "My Music" folder."

What should I do now?

Please advice

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Thank you for this simple yet most effective solution.
Thank you Very much! I only had to deal with it not finding my folder when I moved the "my music" to a seperate partition. Your tip worked!
My thanks. I have been unable to update my iPod for two months. I have searched the net and until I found your solution, I had not been able to resolve this problem. Thank you.
WOW this shift thing really works oh my god FANTASTIC
thanks a lot
you are a champ
simple solution for a nasty headache
Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!! Why doesn't apple post such a simple solution!!!!!
Hey Thankx friend.........
It works..................
Hey thanks a lot !!
thnxx.. I worked!! :)
Worked!!!! Awesome!!!
Worked like a charm. Thanks for the great advice
So this still didn't work for me. I installed Itunes on someone elses laptop and it is not reading my ipod's music folder, saying it is synced with another computer. I don't want to erase my music :( I tried making a backup CD and I can't do anything without the computer reading my music files. Itunes will play the music straight from the ipod but it won't show me my library...WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! I'm ripping my hair out over this!!!!
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I love you too!!! Have been looking for a fix for this all week - non on Apple site work, currently have 10tabs open looking at other suggestions, digging into registry, installing fixes etc NOTHING WORKED EXCEPT THIS!!!!!! Simples! :~
Thank you so much!!!
Thanks a lot man...U are the Best....considering the amount of time other ppl spent on this problem I was lucky that it took me just 5 min to find this page :)))
this solution needs to be at the top of all search engines. easy brilliant and way different (less frightening) than all those registry tweaks

Brilliant......hours and hours....then press SHIFT and library.....done.
Brilliant...I am glad I found this post.
thanks a million
thank you so much
oh you're a genius!! love u so so much!!
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Its not working for me, I am trying to fix this problem for the las 6 hrs. I am so frustated, I don't know what to do....this is the msg. I get everytime I try to open my iTunes: THE I TUNES APPLICATION COULD NOT BE OPENED. THE REQUIRED FOLDER CANNOT BE FOUND. I have windows vista, and I also have the "safari' I con. I am trying to get Christmas music for my Christmas party.
Can some one help me plzzzzzzzzz!!!!
Thanks ,
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The Shift key worked!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much! Now I can enjoy my Christmas iPod! :-) You are my hero!!
You, you, you IS the rock!!!!!!!!