ITunes cannot find my iTunes folder [Solved/Closed]

 Shamrocky -

I just bought the iPOD TOUCH.

I have iTunes 8X, but it won't open saying .. "The folder "i Tunes" cannot be found or created, and is required.
The default location for this folder is inside the "My Music" folder."

What should I do now?

Please advice

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press and hold on the shift key then run the Itunes , the menu will ask you to create new library , follow this , it will sort it out your problemo
Thank you

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Thank you it resolved my problem!!!
it erased all my songs
Sam - It did that for me too, just get your songs and copy and paste them to your new itunes folder, worked for me and I dont have to locate anything anymore, same for videos, apps ect.
OMG this has saved my life thankyou
Just had this problem with the 11.0.4 upgrade and your solution was brilliant and my music was there in seconds from creating the library. Thank you so much.
My iTunes 9 library filled up on my C: drive. Following the instructions, I relocated it to my G: drive (1TB) and gave it the name of 'iTunes Library'.

It copied everything to the new location, and everything seemed to be OK.

Today, when I pluged in my iPod Touch (32g), told gave me a message (I wish I had written it down) to the effect that my iPod can only be sync'ed to one {I don't remember, sorry).

The problem is that both on iTunes and my iPod I've lost all my music, except for two recent purchases. All the songs, podcasts, etc are present in the new folder, and iTunes shows that folder in the Preferences, but I can't see any of my content.

It seems like a simple problem, but... H*E*L*P

having an absolute nightmare with my ipod for the past month!! I bought a new laptop a month ago with Vista on, but my ipod just will not sync properly. Everytime I try to sync, it sync's about 600 songs and then the itunes/ipod just freezes, and when I disconnect it by pulling out the USB lead the same message as above pops up (ie. the folder cannot be found).
I have tried everything I could think of over the past month to try and get it working (reinstalling itunes a few times / holding shift & itunes, then choosing a library / making sure the path name is corret / trying to sync one song at a time etc etc etc) but nothing will work!!!
Might someone be so kind as to have any ideas as to what I need to do here??

Thanks a mill!
Yeah,only problem is when you shift and open iTunes when you create the new folder it deletes EVERYTHING from your iTunes library,including your music,movies,ringtones and apps. Would have been nice to know before I followed this "solution"
THANK YOU! Simple fix to something that was driving me up the wall. Good karma! :)
Sorry, can someone explain more what to do? I tried it, created a new folder, moved the old files into it, but the tunes don't show up in my iTunes interface, and they won't sync to my iPod. What files do you put in this new folder? Just the music files? The other folders as well? Does it matter what you name it? What do you do with the old folder?
Thank you so much for this simple solution!! I was ready to hurl my laptop across the room!

Didn't work for me. Any more suggestions?
I can't even begin to thank you... I have spent hours troughing through rubbish forums... & here we are!... simples! <3 you x
thx for this info ............ it worked like a charm for me ................... u r a star ................. thx again
OMG ... I love you, too! I couldn't be happier! I had tried all of these other registry tweaks, etc. and none of them worked. As a last effort, I found your solution and it totally worked. THANK YOU!!!!
legendary work. you are saviour.
That iis a great solution. I was so frustrated that I thought I will format my harddisc! Fantastic
hi there please help. I just got an ipod touch for christmas and i'm using windows 2000 software. I can't download itunes so basically I have a useless ipod. help...............
Thank you very much! MASSIVE I just have to drag my music into itunes!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Thanks SO MUCH!!!
Thank you so much Denise