Error 69 error when trying to sync IPOD

KH - Jun 15, 2009 at 11:10 PM
 jL15 - Jan 21, 2014 at 10:35 PM
I have got a new laptop computer and trying to sync my IPOD with it using I-Tunes stored on an external hard keeps coming up with an error "Attempting to copy to the disk "HARRISON's" failed. An unknown error occurred (-69).

HELP ME as I NEED music!!!!!!!!!

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Unfortunately whoever first started telling people that their files are bad and they need to delete it from the iPod is just wrong. Here's how you REALLY fix it: Restore your ipod, making sure to place it in disk mode. Wait for the ipod to sync, and when it starts freezing on a song, rapidly tap or hold play/pause until it starts syncing again. Your iPod isn't timed correctly with the computer and that's that's the reason for the error. pressing play will kick the iPod in the azz and make it line up with the process on your PC. You're all welcome in advance.
man it waz working den sumtimes it stopped working and started doing what it waz doin before
man it waz working den sumtimes it stopped working and started doing what it waz doin before
Thankyou so much (: it worked :D!
Don't know if the tapping of the play button is necessary, but I do it anyway. I've tried everything before this - older versions of iTunes, WinAmp, other cables, not running other programs, even went to the genius bar and the guy basically just read from Apple's website. HERE IS THE FIX/WORKAROUND! Restore the iPod. Put it into disk mode manually, THEN plug it in. Check "Manually manage music" as well as "Enable disk use". Select the files so you can drag and drop them into the iPod on the left. It will occasionally get hung up on a track and give you Error -69. Just hit ok, and then put the "corrupt" track back in there, starting where you left off - it'll go on there fine! Nothing wrong with the files, just the communication between iTunes and the iPod. I've lost much sleep over this problem and even got in trouble with a supervisor at my job when I showed up very tired because I was up at the wee small hours trying to figure this out.
how do u put it in disk mode?
All of that rubbish!
The problem is not with connection but I believe with your HDD on iPod.
I have the same problem and tried many different things.

1. That's not songs fault - cos when formatted iPod and restored the disk I copied songs that was "broken" before and have no problem.

2. When get to the point where I believe I have bad sectors on iPod's HDD none of songs can be copied. I have Error 69 all the time.

Solution: (might temporary but works!!!!!)
I messed up a bit cos formatted iPod's HDD for FAT16 then had problem to restore to FAT32 but managed!!

1. Go to disk mode:
- RESET iPod(menu+centre buttons), just after reseting
- DISK MODE (centre+play/pause buttons).
2. While in disk mode format it from DOS or (as colled in new Win) COMMAND PROMPT. Can be quick or full format. My iPod was seen as disk F: so:
format f: FS:FAT32 /Q (Q is quick but full is better)
3. RESET iPod.
4. Restore in iTunes!

Works for me!
Will update if anythong change.

Any questions :Email Id removed for security

I have the same probelm with 35GB of music. Any help would be appreciated
I have an 80g ipod classic, it's corrupted. I had to restore it one day and I tunes told me I needed to upgrade, so I did. Every since then my ipod has been corrupted. what can I do?

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This is not the error I have got, mine tells me that there is a problem syncing it but it is an unknown error so I master reset my IPod and now it wont even switch on, Help me please!
hey I had this problem when I tried to download tvshows to my ipod and I was too lazy to do it the other ways people are saying so I just completelye deleted the one show that I was having the problem with. I deleted it but then I downloaded it back from the itunes store and when I synced it it worked just fine.
hope this helps

allons y