How to remove autorun.inf virus , open hidden

adel - Feb 2, 2009 at 08:00 AM
 vaaji - Oct 2, 2012 at 06:17 AM

seems like I am infected with an autorun.inf virus. Could you help me to remove it ?

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Hi every body

If your computer is not infected with (autorun.inf) and all the drivers are clean ,Then you can remove the autorun from your USB for example or another memory storage device by :

1- You can use this simple way

- First,insert your flash memory in the port(while pressing left shift at
the sametime to avoid the autorun).

- Now you can use winrar program to explore your flash will find
autorun and another hidden viruses such as xcopy,Recycler,and so on
select them and press delete from the keyboard.

- Eject your flash memory and insert it again by the same way to make sure
that all the viruses and the autorun have been removed.

2- Another way visit kaspersky website you will find a free tool that is used to
remove the virus that damage the exe files as well as the autorun download it
to your disktop with no need to download all the kasper anti-virus and scan
your PC or the flash..etc

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hi,, I hav a prblem regardng to autorun.inf... u see in my usB a have 3 folders that has specific files... now there gone??? is this because of the autorun???? how shall I make the 3folders appear????????? plssss help me........ I beg you ... those files are very important........... thnx in advnce......
u r soooo brilliant thank you sooooo much I got new flash drive and it had autorun.inf and with ur steps I deleted it