Dell D600 turns on and gives black screen [Closed]

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I was trying to re install windows xp pro by the only way it would work on my laptop which was starting it up normally and plugging in a usb flash that had the windows xp sp3 software on it and going into the I386 folder and using winnt32, but during the process of the installation the blue screen of death came up and i had to hold the power button to turn it off and turn it back on. The blue screen was the whole reason I was re-installing xp pro anyway. But as I kept trying to install the blue screen kept interrupting the installation. And now when I turn my computer on it shows the Dell logo and does even proceed on to show "Windows xp" its just goes to a black screen after showing Dell. I dont have a re installation cd for xp but the cd drive wont even boot from a cd when i put a windows 7 os re install cd in it previously it booted but just told that i have the wrong cd. But now that i've been getting this black screen i've tried to use the windows 7 os re install cd as a test to see if it would boot a re install cd at all and it wouldnt even do what it did early that day. I could hear it reading the disk but nothing happens. now im stuck at a black screen. I've tried safe mode and nothing works. What can I do??

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