Problem connecting desktop and laptop togethe

Imran - Apr 30, 2012 at 01:40 PM
 imran - May 3, 2012 at 12:49 PM

I have a desktop with Win XP Sp3
a laptop with Win7 and a cable internet connection and a wireless router Linksys WRT54G2.

When i connect to internet through my laptop wireless its all good.
But when i connect to my desktop also ( through an ethernet cable connected through the router) the issues start's i keep getting toggling message as "network cable is unplugged" every few seconds which is so damn irritating.

I tried everything i could - resetting router config, entering router config and cloning MAC address, updating driver etc. There is no issue connecting wirelessly with laptop.

Clueless.Help appriciated.

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Apr 30, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Did you try a different cable? Your problem is probably with the cable or the physical LAN port in the laptop. Does the LAN port on the laptop have a LED that lights-up to show activity? Is the LAN socket on the laptop clean? You might try to clean it with alcohol and a Q-tip.

It's also possible that the driver software or physical LAN interface chip is having problems. You could try updating the driver software.

Good Luck
Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated.

Driver updates: Already tried it several time.
I have issue with Desktop, laptop is absolutely fine.

I did not try with new cable. But what i tried was i connected my laptop with the cable and the internet was smooth.
I connected my internet cable directly to my desktop and again everything was smooth.
Its only when i connect Desktop through router (ethernet cable) that i have this weird problem.

I wasted my several night's sleep over it :)
Am giving a shot trying a wireless adapter connected to desktop. lets see how it goes.
But still clueless !!!.

There must be good debuggers for these common issues. OR should prepare one rather than asking.
Finally i got it working !!!!!

I Tried most of the things i could think of and what people have recommended on other forums and nothing worked.

Things which did not work:
1) Changing cable (Tried 2 new cables)
2) Resetting router settings ( Reset router twice)
3) Updated Installed/UnInstalled network driver twice
4) Changed Network adapter to 100M full duplex from Auto.
5) Disabled mobo network card.
6) Windows XP update and format.
7) CHanged router setting to static IP
8) CLeaned the ports of router and system removed all hardware and put them again. Put the LAN card in another port.

GOD what not !!!!

Nothing worked... spent sleepless night coz i WANTED to make it work.

FInally the THING that worked for me, HOPE it helps someone else:

My router has DHCP protocol enabled and my LAN also had the protocol enabled i guess there was incompatibility or something.
I changed the LAN settings of my system to static and gave manually an IP address in the range of routers IP addresses and DNS sever settings etc. ANd bang. The repeated cable unplugged was gone..

wat a sigh of good nights sleep :).
Hope it helps someone else ( ppl may buy new routers to get rid of this problem)