Excel: How to create a complex date formula

 Josh -

I need to create a date formula that only includes weekdays.

I want to have a formula that does (=previous date+1) for 5 boxes and then every 6th box it adds 3 to the previous box (skipping the weekend) and then continue the (=previous date+1) for the next 5 days. Is this possible, and what would the formula look like?

A1-7/1/2012 (=date)
A2-7/2/2012 (=prev date+1) or (=A1+1)
A3-7/3/2012 (=prev date+1) or (=A1+2)
A4-7/4/2012 (=prev date+1) or (=A1+3)
A5-7/5/2012 (=prev date+1) or (=A1+4)
A6-7/8/2012 (=prev date+3) or (=A1+7)


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A2 is whatever cell your first date is.