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I have had a computer for a few years now, a packard bell. It has recently been working fine but the other day was running a bit slow so i decided to delete a few things off it off add or remove programs and some music which cleared it up a bit and speeded it up. I then switched it off and next time i came to switch it on it powers up and the fans usually are loud for about 2 or 3 seconds then go quieter but they just stay on constantly being loud and the monitor receives no signal. I have tried unplugging everything external on the machine (all the USB'S) etc but still doesnt work. The hdd symbol on the front just keeps flicking on and off and when it goes off you hear a small clicking sound but the fans are still running?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Have you checked internally on the pc is it an IDE connection (Wide grey cable approx 50mm wide) or a SATA connection (thin flat cable approx 10mm wide) an IDE connection requires a bit of a push to get into the socket and if it has become slightly loose then the HDD light will flicker because it has power coming from the molex connector but can't read anything along the IDE cable because of no connection.

With a SATA connection the power connection is a flat black connector not the usual white molex connector and the data cable as described above usually connects to a port on the lower right of the motherboard and if there is a lack of connection here then it will cause the same issues as with an IDE cable

I would tell you to check the internal connections which are IDE (Right side half way up motherboard) and SATA (Lower right corner of motherboard) as well the connections on the back of the HDD itself

The only other suggestion i can think of is that your graphics card is not seated properly perhaps that has come loose a bit which would explain why your monitor receives no signal

this would also happen if your graphics card has been fried I'm afraid so if all your internal connections are fine my advice would be that you need a new graphics card
Thank you

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