HP DV7 DIM screen and flickering problem

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Hello, I am new to the forum and I have seen some similar problems, but I feel that my problem is different. When ever I go onto my hp laptop it shows the BIOS boot screen (the hp logo) for a second and goes dim for the rest of the boot, except for when you log in or press F12 or F2. I have done many tests to the adjustment of the screen by booting it at different angles and moving it while it boots, which does not effect the flickering. The screen is a dim black that shows that the screen is on but with little to no graphics. I have tried to take out the battery, push the power button for 30 seconds and that test has not worked either. When I look at the HHD, it is working fine and load everything of the OS fine. The flickering of parts of the boot and log in tend to happen at the same time everytime I turn on the computer.

Another test I have done is re-seating The Ram and looking for certain LED blinks, which I don't see anything wrong with those either. I do have a youtube video that shows the problem in action and I explain stuff while it happens as a link below. I thank you a lot in advance!


I also couldn't figure out if it is a hardware issue or software, but I thought it might be hardware.

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sorry for the late response, but I remember the last time The screen was working fine the power option were not made to dim the screen and the refresh rate is 60Hz. Anyways the screen is so dim that there isn't any images showing, where if I just turn down the dimness to the lowest I could still see the screen's images. The power cable to the computer seem to work fine and it is the one that came with the computer, so it should work with the computer. When I do try to get to the control panel, it is like running with your eye's closed, I couldn't really do it from the screen not really displaying an image. Thank you for helping out :)
I have the exact same issue did you ever find a solution?
I know this is a 2 year old thread but it's worth a shot :p

Hope you can help!
Have you checked your power options in control panel this is the main reason a laptop screen goes dim at certain points if your power save options are set to extremely high settings it might dim the screen during bootup also the flickering screen is usually a sign that the refresh rate of your monitor is set too low you can check this on XP by right clicking the desktop and clicking properties then clicking settings at thhe top then advanced settings and then monitor at the top

not too sure how to check this in vista or windows 7 because they changed the layout although it wasn't that different it may be in a different place