How to put a password on my memory stick?

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I am looking for a way to protect my flash disk with a password. In case I lose my flash disk, and somebody else gets access to it, should not be able to access the content and files.

I really want to protect my flash disk but I don't know how? Need your help.
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If you have a Windows 7 (if u don't install it). Right click on your memory card or stick in My Computer. You should see your memory stick. Do right click and then click turn bitlocker on simple as.
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You might try TrueCrypt
Put your stuff in a folder right click then send to zip (compressed) folder open it right click then add password
Peter, you don't know what you're talking about. Do some research before posting links.

Those would take decades to find a password like Awesome39123
I tried experimenting with what you said on my computer and it didn't work. I created a new file, right clicked on it, clicked send to comprehesed(zipped), then I opened the folder and right clicked, but there was no "add password" option. This isn't the first time I've tried this either; you must have left something out.
I had the same problem C3Yaoihunter did
hey I was looking at the comment by ghfghdrt and it does actually work as I have just done it and you have to have files in the compressed folder and right click where there is no files and add password is at the bottom of the list I hope it helps
you could used 7zip
once installed
right click on the file(or folder)
choose -7zip
then -add to archive...
and read a lot
then look for the menu to put your password
it should be easy
use google to help yourself in understanding 7zip
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is there a free program to password protect a folder on a flash drive
This should help

As I understand you install a small file on your usb flash drive and assign a password to it. You can still use the flash drive in every computer and no program is needed to install on the computer. It just asks you to enter your password when you try to open the drive.
am looking for a way to protect my flash disk with a password, in case I lose my flsh disk , then somebody happen to find it, woon't get an access in to my files ,, I realy want to protect my flash disk but I dont know how,? need ya help
you can put all your files in a zip folder and place a pass word on that by going in to the folder and going to file then click add password its easy.
I don't have an "add password" option. Do you have this within MS Explorer? within WinZip? If not, what software gives you the add password option?

> Ronnie
hi,i need a program to put password on the usb or external hard disk so no one can open the usb or the external hard disk without putting a password so how can I ,waiting for your reply and thanks in advance :)
hi.. you know, I have being reading in all sort of pages, and I found the same answer in here. I wanted to secure my personal files. But when I type in a password, and then I close the files and reopen it again it dose not ask me for a pass to open it... so if you or anyone could help me, pls
it happens to me
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You can't make a password for your flash disk, but you can encrypt your data with a program like truecrypt, but your data are no longer accessible only on a PC with that program installed on.

You can put password by downloading a software called free file hide from n then you put passpord. Put your all files or folders in it. Nobody can get in to it without a password.
there is a software called U3 which can be downloaded or if you but SanDisk Cruzer memory stick, it has one, then you can enable the security password. Basicaly it make a autorun program as soon as you enter the memory.
i have an old mp3 player but, I use it as a memory stick. I dont want anyone looking at my personal files....does anyone know how to set a password for it?
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hello ,

you can put a password. Just look for the company name and go the every program relating to your memory stick . One of them contains to protect it!

Dear Dr. James...........Not all usb pen drives are website is out of question
You can allways use winrar, and encrypt your files there.

There is a Flash Drive pen I bought today. Its called a Maxell Venture. That has password encryption on the pen.