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I have a question. Until recently there has been a Micorosft icon on my desktop and it showed up under the "All Programs" list on my Start menu. About a week ago it disappeared from both of those places and also from the folder in my Program Files labelled Micosoft Office! I know I still have Word on my PC because I can open previously created documents in this program as well as open a new blank document in Word and save it, etc. What has happened to Microsoft Wrd? Thanks.

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Go to microsoft office-- microsoft office tools-- microsoft office picture manager-- help-- detect and repair-- check restore my shortcuts while repairing.

This should restore all the microsoft office shortcuts
Thank you

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perfect! thanks!
i am having the same problem with blank icons most of my icon pictures are missing
Right click on desktop

click on new

then click on New Microsoft word
When I reinstall the MS Office the word documents are not showing in the default word icon and showing the icon of unknown programs

give me the solution pls
I also lost my word icon but followed Johns advice and it worked thanks John
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Dear sir,

happy 2010.Plz help me in recovering ms word icon


sorry I mean Johnny
Hi I scanned my doc to a PDF file and sent it to someone, then when we tried to put it into word doc we couldn't, can you tell me how to do that so I can update the doc. and keep it?


Launch - Microsoft Office Diagnostics (Start -> All Programs -> ->Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Diagnostics).
On the last Check all your assignment for office icons will be restored.
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my word icon changed to the generic white icon - this fixed my issue... thanks!
all right heres the thing
1 go to control pannel then click add and remove programs.
goto the one that says microsoft word there is an icon with four different colored squares. then click change and modify it
Thanx! This really helped.
My "Word" icon has disappeared. Can you help me. Obviously I can get into my word by going through a saved document. I have Office 2007.
thanks for the info on msoffice Diagnostics
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