How can i back my facebook?

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November 8, 2012
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Dear mister Facebook
Who decides who must live or die?
My account (adresse mail) / Group (nom) / Cause (nom) have been disabled on (date).
I do not understand why.
There was nothing showing that there were any illicit elements according to your Conditions of usage.
No porn, no bad terms except in some jokes, no racism, no call-to-murder, no diffamation,...
So I repeat my question: at FB, who decides who must live or die?
Have I been signaled or anything else and by who ?
Did I used to much your functionalities and wich ones ?
Did I have to much friends or members ?

Please, answer to help me to understand.

(Donner une petite explication du fonctionnement de votre compte/groupe/cause in English, oeuf corse)
Please reactivate my (account/group/cause), it is an emergency.

We are working with many associations, philosophical and political groups and (I was sendind an information on a new activity - Dire ce qui s'est passé avant que l'incindent n'arrive)

If I had a warning, i would have stopped till next day or send some messages differently but I just found "(a mail in my box"/"a message on my profile"/... )

Dont be like Yahoo! please

I Don't understand
Is it because the new version of FB ?
Many poeple working on big causes, diseases, cancer, quarter-world, children, art, business, philosophy ... have disappeared these days.

Don't you think that there is a bug ?
Is it an "anti-french" action or a french government decision ?

We still found racists, anti-semitic, anti-muslims, porn, pedo,gun-users,... on FB so, why has my (account/group/cause) been deleted ?

Thanks for your help.
Please reactivate.

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Please see the links below and they will guide you into getting your account back..

See also this link:

Best regards and good luck.
Thank you

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