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My son has a macbook and I would like to add my old cinema display so he can see his screen larger. When I go into "about this computer", under Graphics / Display I see mirror in off position.

I connected the cinema display to electrical power, on one end there is two outlets, one is a usb and the other is DVI connector. Since the macbook does not have a DVI connection port, I used the usb connection. My cinema display power light is on, but no display.

What have I done wrong???? Please help.

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Since the macbook either has a mini dvi output (earlier models, pre oct 2008) or a mini display port output for video. You need either a mini display port to dvi or mini dvi to dvi converter. If the screen is a 30" Cinema Display you need a dual link dvi version of the adapter.
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That USB cable will not give you video. If you don't have a VGA input port on the display to connect to the VGA output on the laptop you will not be able to connect the two. You need to buy a VGA to DVI Converter that Converts Analog VGA signal to Digital Signal. Be sure to get a VGA to DVI adapter and not the other way around.

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