Connect MacBook to TV: wireless, HDMI

Connect MacBook to TV: wireless, HDMI

You can watch your videos, play your games, and listen to your music on your home cinema by connecting your Mac OS X computer to your TV. Continue reading to discover how you can do so.

Verify your equipment

Before you will be able to connect your computer to your TV, you will need to verify the type of port installed on your Mac. If your device dates back to before 2008, you will likely need an adapter as these machines have DVI, Micro DVI, or Mini DVI ports:

If you have a more recent computer, with an HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB C, or a Mini-Display port, you may still need an adapter.

After you have defined what you will need in terms of adapters, you can look behind your TV and locate your video ports. Generally, the TV will feature an HDMI port.

Now, all you will need to do is purchase the proper cables. If you have an older model, you will need an adapter. If your Mac has an HDMI port and your TV does, as well, you will only need an HDMI cable:

N.B. You may need to plug in an audio cable as only the HDMI/HDMI cable manages sound as well.

How to connect your Mac?

Before you connect your Mac to your TV, you will need to change the resolution of your computer to match that of your TV.

Now, you can connect the two devices, either with an HDMI cable, or through AirPlay. Once they are connected, turn them on. The synchronization should be automatic, and upon turning on the two devices, you should see your computer's desktop on your TV screen.

If this is not the case, you need to go to System Preferences, then Displays:

Next, click the Arrangement tab, and configure the display options, choosing between having the same image on both screens, a mirror effect, or the entire image on only one screen.

If the image that is displayed on your TV, you simply need to modify your TV's zoom options.

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