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1. Can someone please help me with a copy or place were I can download "Windows 2000 Professional
2. 'My PC came out with the program installed and later on Windows XP Professional SP3 was installed and the two systems functioned well and without any problems.
Not long ago Windows 2000 Professional could not start because the file "'WINNT\System32\CONFIG\Syystemced' was missing or corrupt.
3. The two CD s that came out with the PC are missing and I have search everywhere but I cannot find them .I still have the Product Key number (hoping it will work with the copy)
So please good people help me to re- install this program on my PC so as to let PC (MY OLD FRIEND) retire with both systems running when Microsoft support come to an end for Windows XP by next year.
4. I am desperate and your help will mean a lot to me .

Signed MBN<

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Feb 14, 2013 at 06:15 PM
If you can provide the code for the original MS will provide you with a link to download whatever program you are missing. They have instituted a faster response to this issue since most systems ship w/out the disk now days. Call customer service, they will route you.
To fredflinstone,

Thank you very much for your response to my request for help with regard to a copy of Windows 2000 Professional

However ,can you please guide me and help me further with the following in order to identify the required "original code" you are referring to in your response.

*** On the Microsoft Label or Sticker that is attached to the computer referred to as "Certificate Of Authenticity",. and ...besides the Product Key Number (the 25 digits), there are further 3(three) numbers that appears on the Sticker as well, namely, 2(two) bar codes with numbers and also a number without a bar code.Further there are no explanation given for these numbers as to what they stand for ***NOW... out of these 3 (three) sets of numbers on the sticker, which one is the "original code" so as to provide the right number.
The Sticker or Label on the computer is the only source of information that I have nothing else or is my reference to the (sticker) the right source or place to look for the " original code" that you are referring to in your response ? PLEASE HELP.
Signed MBN
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I searched hi and low for a windows 2000 pro iso (image disk). My Lenovo a20m had frozen with a need for administrator password. I found this link to a great program on this site that I was able to use to reset the passwords and recover the pc.

Warning this program is very powerful and does require some in depth knowledge about Operatiing systems to use without totally corrupting your system.