8GB Micro SD Card Not Recognized. What Happened?

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Hello, Hello,

I've had PNY Micro SD 8gb card in my cell phone for about a year now. Its been working fine all of this time. I even hooked it up to my laptop in order to put photos and songs from my phone onto my laptop and vise verse. Its been compatible with my phone[an HTC G2], my Dell Laptop, and my Dell Desktop.

about a week ago the card out of no where unmounted. Its not detected on my phone. I put it in my laptop using both adapters and its not picking the card up at all. I even put it in my tablet and nothing. I haven't done anything to my phone lately that would warrant the card to stop working. I tied the whole locking thing and that's not it. It's not locked. I can't format it anywhere cause its not recognized anywhere. I'm stumped. Its been working all of this time. I can't figure out why. Is there anyway to recover all my photos, songs, and other files?

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Maybe someone out there has been through the same and had some success.


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no result found because all drivers are already installed
Hey mates. Have the exact same problem . After using the sd card for several day only, it suddenly dismounted and not recognized both with computer and with phone. What should I do ? :-(
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Mar 26, 2013 at 05:59 PM
Hi ksb1978,

Please try the steps in the below mentioned link and check if this fixes the problem:


This link has steps to update the drivers for the SD card.

Do reply with results.

To know more about Dell's products, services and drivers & downloads, please go to http://dell.to/YBlak6

Thanks & Regards
Zohaib R
We cant update driver because the computer wont detect the sd card..