Excel 2003: Match Names; View Unfound Matches

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I need formula or macro configuration help for Excel 2003.

Within a spreadsheet, I want to compare the list of names in column A with the list of names in column B and be notified of matches that were NOT found. The scenario is:

- I have a list of people in column A that must attend a training course
- I have a list of people in column B that attended that course
- I want to compare names in A with B so that I can see which people did not attend that course when they should have. I need Excel to visually show me which matches were not found and ideally extract those names into another sheet or into a list in a pop-up message or something that allows me to select and copy those names.

How do I do this in Excel? Is there a macro I could configure to automatically perform this match?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Awesome! Thank you very much!