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i got a problem regarding excel formatting.

Excel displays every figure higher then 1.0 as a date and anything lower than that as the actual figure. So, if for instance the value is 2.73, Excel returns the value as Feb 73. I tried to change anything in the "format cells" but nothing lets me change the cell formatting as the initial value.

Additionally, when I try to reformat the cell into a plain figure value (let's say I choose the text option in the format cells section) it displays a figure which is not even close to what was intended (for instance: Feb 73 turns out to be 24503,00, after I changed it to figure value). Does anyone has a clue how I could possibly fix that?

BTW I am using mac office 2011
Thanks and much appreciated if anyone could help me

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You need to select the entire range of your Excel sheet and format the cells as General. This way all the cells will be formatted normally. Then you can go ahead and enter decimal numbers as numbers. Date and time are expressed as long numbers in Excel and they are displayed correctly with Excel's formatting rules.