Mac Powerbook G4 won't go past grey screen [Solved/Closed]

 bob -
I have a mac powerbook g4 and it worked perfectly well until one day it just crashed.
I am not sure why but now when I try and turn it on all I see is a grey loading screen with the apple icon and the sunburst.
It tries to lad for around 1 - 2 and a hal minutes but the just shuts itself down again.

Can this be fixed?

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Thanks!!! This worked!!
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it seems that your hard drive is quitting you.
get yourself a new hard disk.
I recommend getting your Mac serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
what if youve got tons of pirated software and music? do you still bring it to an authorized mac service provider?
even if mac service providers actually cared about that kinda stuff; 1) how would they know it's pirated and, 2) they're not allowed to be searching your computer and looking at your files, that's illegal (even more so than so called "pirated software". :D
Mine was doing that last year. I took it to the Apple store. They charge a $300 flat rate fix all charge. I got a new motherboard, hardrive (which they upgraded it to the 80 gig) and optical drive. Also threw in a gig of ram for free as well. Basically got a new computer for the $300 bucks


My PB G4 died the same death today. I've never had hard drive replaced. Will I lose all my data?

Thanks for a response.
ctrl apple reset

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