Computer on workgroup asking for password [Solved/Closed]

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 Flynn -
I have a BT home hub and three pc's plus 4 laptops all of which share files and connect to the internet through the hub. Suddenly a couple of days ago whenever I try to access lets call it Computer 01 from one of the other desktops a box pops up which says at the top Connect to Computer 01 - then asks for user name - this is already completed with .... COMPUTER01\Guest ............. It then asks for password.

I am not aware that there is a password on that computer and as I mentioned it has been working fine.

When I click on view workgroup computers ... Computer 01 shows fine but again when I click on it the little box asking for password pops up.

This only happens from one other desktop [call it Computer 2] The further desktop [Computer 3] accesses it fine. Also my laptops access Computer 01 with no problem.

Any ideas????


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I have found a way to disable the nagging password box in Windows 7 (probably Vista too).
1. Click <b>Start</b>
2. Under you user picture, right click <b>Network</b>
3. Choose <b>Properties</b> (this opens <i>Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center</i>)
4. Click <b>Choose homegroup and sharing options</b> in the lower list (this opens <i>Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Homegroup</i>)
5. Click <b>Change advanced sharing settings...</b> (this opens <i>Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings</i>)
6. The setting right before the last one is: <b>Password protected sharing</b>!
7. Choose<b> Turn off password protected sharing</b> and you are good to go <b>without any restarts</b> and stuff.

Bonus: <em>A quicker way</em>: Type "advanced share" and choose Manage advanced sharing settings
(this will guide you to step 5.)
Thank you

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment

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really worked. Thanks
Thank you bro
Yus! Had this problem a few times and didnt know what the heck was going on.Thanks!
Thanks so much! Password protection must have turned on automatically when Windows upgraded over the weekend. So irritating! But solved---thanks again for the help.
Try this.... I am using windows XP SP3... but I think other version of windows may using slightly different or maybe the same way.

Goto Control panel -> Administrative Tools.
Double click on Local security Policy. this will pop up Local security setting windows.
Find/open folder 'Local Policies' and then select sub folder 'Security option'
On column Policy find word 'Accounts : Guest Account Status'
Check out this setting....
If setting is 'Enabled' then you can connect to this computer without prompt for password.
If setting is 'Disable' then this computer need you to enter valid account or password to access this computer.

Note : apply this setting on computer you want to connect to that give you prompt for password.
I hope this will help.
I figured it out!!!! When you type in the username you must first type the workgroup name or computer name giving your setup. It will look something like this WORKGROUP\Kenny then type in the normal password. Try both the workgroup name or computer name. It should be on that works.
maybe the user is disabled:

go to run:
1. type compmgmt.msc
2. system tools
3. local users and groups
4. users
5. double click in the icons which has an x
6. uncheck the box, account is disabled, then apply

maybe this helps
I did that because I am having the same would not allow me to unclick it because it said I do not have administrative do I get pass that...
pliz first sign in as an administrator.
thank you very much sir who give the tip I can now access my network computers using my laptop!tnx again!
enable guest account then give password to guest. then add guest to administrator group. it is working
what password can unlock any computer
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enter the administrator account to disable the account.
try to delete the account and create it once again.
Thanks a lot for solving my tormeting issue with Windows 7
Im suffering the same $h!t in XP

it drive me crazy

I cant access my shared folder from my laptop to my desktop computer
it gives me the login field.

i tried several things without success

the weird thing is that I can access my laptop shared folde FROM my desktop PC without naggin login screen..

Im just about to do a format C....

turn off destination system firewall

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