Accidentally lost all my Startup Programs

MG - Feb 24, 2009 at 12:37 AM
 Dragana - Aug 31, 2010 at 12:54 AM

While going through the list of Programs in Startup, I noticed that under Startup Programs, alongwith other installed programs, there's one more folder by the name of PROGRAM itself and it contains the exact copy of all the programs as it was in the Startup menu. So what I did was, I deleted that PROGRAMS folder and after sometime I had a need to reboot my system and to my surprise all my programs in STARTUP menu was lost.

I'm totally confused as there were lots of programs installed and now I don't know how to get that list of programs back on the STARTUP menu.

Please help me.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi there. The exact same thing just happened to me. In search type any letter e.g. "a" followed by *.exe so a*.exe and this will return all executable programs beginning with a, you can do the same for all other letters. we didn't delete the main copy of our stuff, just short cuts. But I don't recognize half of them and don't know where they are supposed to go. Did you manage to recover yours? if so I would like to know how.
I entered windows on my computer, only 2 weeks later I lost everything all it appears on my screen is "turn off your computer" if I try to log in with my image if says enter product code key number I did and it tells me contact your computer service repair man what the .... it is only a computer plug in the wall no internet we go up on the week-end but I can't get in I had games windows xp nothing nothing help
I did the exact same thing and I dont know how to recover them. Any help would be appreciated!