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I have Windows Vista os for my home PC. I recently got the type II modem - the model is Teracom. While installing the wireless LAN drivers from the CD I got an error. However, my ethernet port is working and am able to connect to Internet through that.

But I need to set up wifi for my laptop so that I can access the net without keeping my home pc on.

ive searched in the net but could not get a proper reply. someone help
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Mahesh Poojary - Jul 17, 2010 at 12:30 PM
Thank you
BSNL Broadband Internet Connection
1. Configure IP Settings
Start==>Settings==>Network Connections ==> Local Area Connection (Right click) ==> Properties ==>
Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ==> Properties
IP address : <ip> ex:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

2. Reboot

3. BSNL Configuration
Internet explorer:
Username : admin password: admin

Configuration (left side of the BSNL page) ==> Internet Connection ==> pppoe_0_35 ==> Edit (Click here) ==>next ==>next
Broadband user name : ka<landlinenumber>
Passowrd: password

4. Connect to the internet
Internet explorer: # It should work now

5. Trouble Shooting:
1. Start Settings ==> Control Panel ==> Network and Internet ==> View network status and start ==> Here from graph can be identified which is wrong.

BSNL Wireless(WiFi) Connections(OS Vista)
1. user: admin pass: admin
2. Wireless Network ==>MAC Address Filter ==>
Select MAC Auth : 'Disabled' ==> Apply
3. Wireless Network ==>
Wireless Network : Enable
Network Name (SSID) : BSNL_MAHESH
Hide SSID: No
Select Security Option: 64 Bit Encryption
Select Key Method: Direct Key
Key: 345678ABCD #Key should be atlest 10 characters and is hexadecimal
PMK Caching: Enabled

4. Fn F2 ==> See the Wireless symbol on toolbar==>Connect.. OR Start==>Settings==>Network Connections==>Wireless Network Connections ==> Right click ==> Connect/Disconnect
==> Select BSNL_MAHESH ==> Connect ==>Enter the key ==> OK

5. Start to surf the internet and enjoy :-)

Thank you, Mahesh Poojary 171

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excellent....ur suggestion worked !!
excellent....ur suggestion worked !! I was struggling for long time...thank you...
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hi thanks,
Thanks dude
Thank you
Steps to configure BSNL Teracom Wireless settings are:

1. Login to BSNL Teracom Wireless Modem

The default modem IP address is and type this number on the address bar of your browser and press enter. Now you will be prompted to enter Teracom modem user name and password.

Default BSNL modem user name and password is :

User Name: admin
Password : admin

Now click OK to login Teracom modem. Now you will be in BSNL overview page.

If you are looking for help to configure Internet on your BSNL Modem, click on the link below.

Configure Internet connection in BSNL Teracom Modem

2. Go to BSNL Wireless Settings Page

Click on Wireless Network which located under Configuration tab.

First of all you should turn on wireless by checking enable button opposite to Wireless Network. Here you can change the Wireless network name(SSID) of your wireless network by typing any name which you like in wireless Network.

3. Enable Wireless Security in BSNL Teracom Modem

To enable wireless security in BSNL modem follow the steps below.

i. Select proper wireless encryption from the drop down menu opposite to security options.

If you are a home user and just need a security and not worried much about it, the easier one is WEP 64 Bit Encryption. If you select this as the security option , you can type any hexa decimal number ( 0-9 and A-F) as the wireless key. Don't forget to click on confirm button. Now onwards you need to enter this ten digit key to log in to your wireless n
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why to use Wi-Fi in teracom moderm
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Hi, u need not 2 use the CD provided by bsnl. U instal the WLAN driver in search 4 wireless network it will detect.. b4 that chk whether the WLAN light in the modem is glowing... If not u need to enable it...

L. A. Arun Kumar
Thank you
Wireless settings worked for me like a charm...thanks a lot....