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i cant connect to a system using LAN is displaying the msg"in order to configure TCP/IP you must install and enable network adapter card "
so what should i do know ?

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Mar 14, 2014 at 05:07 PM
Ok, so hang in there.

A network is comprised of different "layers". Each layer can be thought of as a different peice of the puzzle. The puzzle is not made of hardware, or software, or physical wires, it is made of all.

Based on what you have posted, you machine is missing the PHYSICAL piece of the network, I.E. a transport mechanism for carrying the protocol.

The information does not have enough energy to carry itself. The information requires some hardware to help it have enough energy to be transmitted!

If you have the peice of hardware, find the maker of it and make certain that you have the right Driver. Once again, a peice of software that enables your PC hardware to talk to each other. See how it all fits?

You may also be trying to engage a network card that is not compatible with your O/S. It is hard to say.

Let us START OVER on this: Please answer your PC maker, type, and when did it fail. If you are building a machine, go to your motherboards site and get the current drivers. MOST IMPORTANTLY , HAVE FUN!

Please post back with what you are stuck on, the driver, the card, or the enabling the hardware?