Dell D630 how to install sim card in laptop plz [Solved/Closed]

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 JapethTheGoath -
I have Dell D630 I use sim card in my laptop without mobile plz inform me how to install sim card in laptop plz


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I have Dell Latitude D630 and under battery cover is small place with simcard slot, you have to put sim card there. You have to unscrew keyboard and under it is a extra empty slot/port for HSPA mobile broadband card. In that Dell laptop, antena was mounted in the screen in the standard with all needed cabling, Cables are routed as standard to the proper one place around the free slot for HSPA broadband card.

On the eNet was info that only two or three models of card can be used, but it is not true exactly. I had unused modell (Dell Wireless 5570 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Card) on all prev Win familly this card wouldn't like to work properly, but after upgrade to Win 10 I downloaded three drivers:

- Communications_Driver_T1RG0_WN32_6.14.4316.502_A00.EXE
- Communications_Application_RVHM4_WN_6.0.4209.8205_A04.EXE
- Communications_Application_9WDXP_WN_Build3830_A00.EXE

and connection to the Internet by GSM technology works flawlessly. In addition, this card fully supports GPS functionallity, so You can use your laptop as navigation or use positionning or many another apps using GPS to work.

So if You would like to go ahead, find and order mentioned card, find and download mentioned 3 driver and Sierra application files and You'll be happy user running Internet access by cellular tehnology with fully GPS support.
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I don't think you can use a SIM card in that model. The D630 can only accept a WWAN card.

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