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I downloaded the picture mix app and I've uploaded my pictures but there's no prompt share it

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Apr 10, 2014 at 07:46 PM
Ok, pardon my ignorance, but what platform? Your platform is your machine type, ya know....like mobile, PC, laptop.

I have a curious question, please forgive me if I am wrong in this, but:

Is all picture editing software now supposed to include a "button" to do the transfer for you? Is this an action one is doesn't understand; or is it one that it takes to many steps to complete?

...but if you want to edit it, there is not too many suites that will perform task that you speak of, as IT EDITS PICTURES. Its developers are not worried about you sharing it. It might be called something else!

Let me know if I am wrong. I love a challenge. YOUR WISH; IS MY COMMAND!
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