Unable to host World of Warcraft 3 LAN game

Unable to host World of Warcraft 3 LAN game

Are you able to play World of Warcraft 3 online with no problems, until you try and host your own LAN game and find you are unable to? You are not alone. It would appear that this is quite a common issue with WOW 3. Fortunately there is a quick fix that can help!

Try to unblock the game in your Firewall settings:

  • Click "Start" then "Connections" then "show all connections"

  • Double-click your Internet connection, and then click "Properties", then "Advanced", then "Settings ..." (Windows firewall), then click "Exceptions"

Note: You must have the file "War3" and the file "Warcraft III" listed as exceptions.

  • To do so, via the "exceptions" menu, click on "Add a Program", double-click on Warcraft III if it is not already in the list of exceptions.
  • Next click on "browse", then look after the directory where you installed open the folder and double-click the file "War3" then "OK".
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