Auto row copy to another worksheet

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I'm new to excel and need to set up a simple double entry bookkeeping system in excel. I need to know what formula to put into a cell to accomplish the following.
On our accounting page, there is a column called "Category". In that column, we will put a letter/number corresponding to a particular category. I would like excel to automatically copy that row of data to a separate sheet that contains only the expenses for that particular category.
For example, if on the main sheet, we spend $100 for gasoline and in the category column we put that category code "T" (for transportation), then we would like for Excel to automatically copy that row to another worksheet within the same workbook specifically for that category (Transportation Expenses). How do I do this?

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A couple of questions for clarification and food for thought:
1. At what point during your process should the row be committed to the other worksheet? Immediately upon pressing Enter?
2. What if a category is entered incorrectly and then changed to a different one? How would the process know to replace it in the other sheet?
3. What if an extraneous entry is made? How would the process know to remove it from the other sheet?
4. What if the process is handled in batches. That is, entries are made and verified before the new rows are committed to the other sheets?