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I have a date column of original date of action. I have another column that has a formula to give me 6 months from that date (which is when additional action needs to occur). For that, I am using =EDATE(A2,6), where A2 is the original date of action field.

My dilemna is that when there is not a date in A2, the 6 months date is 06/06/1900. I want it to be blank, but if I delete it, the formula won't be there in the event a date is added in the future. I have tried to figure out an =IF scenario to give me a blank field if A2 is blank and to give me A2+6 if there is a date, but it's not working.

Is this possible?


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May 30, 2014 at 05:01 PM
OK, something like this should do:


Let me know if it works, as I cannot test it.