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I live in a country where Wi-Fi is still a "thing", we want it but we don't have it. I'm also a n00b when it comes to modems, routers and any Wi-Fi/Internet related devices !

So here's my deal, I have cable internet on my laptop, by cable internet I mean the ethernet thingy, and I have a phone, so the equation is : Ethernet Cable + X = Wi-Fi 4 ma fone !!

My father uses Wi-Fi for the security camera and it's far away, so I can't even get a "bit" of Wi-Fi, you get it ? bit as 8 bits and .... Well, you get it !

So, what's the X ? Is there any kind of CHEAP device, like those chinese devices that have a USB port to connect to laptop and another port for ethernet cable and some kind of antenna to launch Wi-Fi ? All I want s to connect on my phone using my laptop's internet, or maybe if there's a way to turn a 3G USB modem into a Wi-Fi router, or a way to steal a UFO from Area 51 and enjoy Hyper-Yotta Connexion for life ?

Give me anything you find, names, pictures, links, ANYTHING !!

Thank you :D

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Jun 2, 2014 at 12:41 PM
OK, so this is an easy fix with some hardware, about $70US.

Go to your local store and pick up an AP (access Point)
NETGEAR - Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender with Ethernet port
Model: WN3000RP

Plug this into the cable your PC is connected into. Then take another cable out of this device into your pc. Now you have a wired access into your pc location, yourpc is still hardwired, and now you hace a WIFI access in the same location.

I hope this helps!