Problem with installing whatsapp [Solved/Closed]

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I used whatsapp for almost 3 years and 3days ago I recieved a message that my whats app is timed out and it wasnt I uninstalled it and tried to install it again.but it isnt possible.not by bazar nor internet and not any other way.when I push the install button nothing just searches for a while and returns to the installing page again.i have dine it thousands of times and it doesnt install.please help me.thanks alot

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Well considering it is not free, you must pay for it after a year. It is .99$ us per year. The fact that you have been able to uninstall it, and reinstall it; consider yourself lucky it has worked for three years. I am certain they have "fixed" that issue, and it no longer will allow you to use the free license.

Let us know if you think it is something else.